To Diet or Not to Diet?

NOt a short-term diet

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘DIET.”  Most people become very discouraged, unhappy and even avoid it at all costs.  There are so many kinds of diets.  Trust me, I’ve been on many, more than I even care to admit.  Dieting is so short-term.   However, today I choose a “Lifestyle Change.”   A lifestyle change keeps me on track long-term and I’m not like a yo-yo on the scale.  Lifestyle changes are much more successful  in helping with permanent weight loss and improved health problems.  So how do you start a lifestyle change? Here are few suggestions:

1.  Review you own eating habits. There are many ways to improve our eating habits, prepare your meals at home instead of eating out.  Avoid processed foods, foods with a lot of sugar and high in fat.

2.  Create an exercise plan for yourself.   There are many at home workout dvd’s, you can get a gym membership, or just simply enjoy nature and get out there for a brisk walk.

3.  Stay accountable to a friend or a support group.   Strength comes in numbers.  No one can make the changes but YOU, but help from others brings amazing results.

4.  Remember  your goal.  You are working hard for a better YOU!  When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.



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