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Food Matters…Try Meal Planning!

Do you grab “junk” food for convenience?  Do you ever skip meals because you’re too busy to eat?  How about stopping by the grocery store on your way home, only to buy what you didn’t want to eat?  These can all lead to unhealthy eating habits.

There is no better way to stay on track with healthy and clean eating than meal planning.  Yes it takes time and can be frustrating at first, I know, I’ve been there.  But here are few tips that can make meal planning a little easier:

1. Write out you’re plan on Sunday along with your shopping list. Get it done early so it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the day.  Get Your Meal Plan On

2. If a week of planning seems like too much, start with planning a few days at a time.   Post your plan on the refrigerator.  There will be no reason to hear “What’s for dinner?”  🙂

3.  Keep things SIMPLE!  Plan quick and easy meals.   You will be setting yourself up for failure if you start planning 5 new recipes during the week that you have never tried before.  I know, I’ve done it many, many times.

3.  Prep as much as you can the night before or in the morning.  I like to get everything ready for dinner right after I make my lunch in the morning, so when someone gets home dinner goes in the oven, and my house smells great when I walk in the door.

These are just a few ways I’ve made my meal planning easier and much more enjoyable for me.  It can be a daunting task.  But I always find that I am much better at sticking to cleaner, healthier eating when I plan.  Takes all the guessing out of what to make for dinner!   Try it you just may like it!!


Are You Getting It…..Are You KEEPING It?

CONSISTENTEver get really excited when a friend tells you about a new workout and they lost 10 pounds?  Ever get really excited to start that new diet?   And then you jump in with both feet and have the eagerness to lose the weight, reach your goals and then give up.  Been there…done that!

Being persistent with working out, eating clean and a healthy lifestyle is  GREAT!   Being consistent with working out, eating clean and a healthy lifestyle is even BETTER!!    Look at life as a journey, and not just to be endured or mastered.    Keep seeking different ways to better yourself each and everyday.  Try different foods, sit quietly and meditate.  Take the next step, you know the one you fear taking.   Most important, share your journey with someone else.  One thing I’ve learned on my on my own personal journey,  You Can’t  Keep It, Until You Give It Away!

To Diet or Not to Diet?

NOt a short-term diet

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘DIET.”  Most people become very discouraged, unhappy and even avoid it at all costs.  There are so many kinds of diets.  Trust me, I’ve been on many, more than I even care to admit.  Dieting is so short-term.   However, today I choose a “Lifestyle Change.”   A lifestyle change keeps me on track long-term and I’m not like a yo-yo on the scale.  Lifestyle changes are much more successful  in helping with permanent weight loss and improved health problems.  So how do you start a lifestyle change? Here are few suggestions:

1.  Review you own eating habits. There are many ways to improve our eating habits, prepare your meals at home instead of eating out.  Avoid processed foods, foods with a lot of sugar and high in fat.

2.  Create an exercise plan for yourself.   There are many at home workout dvd’s, you can get a gym membership, or just simply enjoy nature and get out there for a brisk walk.

3.  Stay accountable to a friend or a support group.   Strength comes in numbers.  No one can make the changes but YOU, but help from others brings amazing results.

4.  Remember  your goal.  You are working hard for a better YOU!  When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.


Weekend Warrior!

What does your weekend “To Do List” look like?  Are you about to jam all the things you didn’t get done this week into the next two days because your off from work and have the time to do it?  Or plan on doing nothing because you worked so hard this week.    Really….think about it for a minute.  Just how do you want your weekend to turn out?

Let’s get excited about the weekend!  Let’s make the best of these few days off!  There is nothing worse when Sunday rolls around and your exhausted from over doing it all weekend or feel like you got nothing accomplished at all.  Let’s get our list of priorities in order, add a few workouts and a few fun things in there and your setting yourself up for a successful, well balanced weekend!

Happy Friday  Make It A Goal One

Changing It Up….

Does fear of change keep you stuck in the same routines?  Do you resist change out of fear of the unknown?  Well if you want want continuous results,  you have to change things up!    When you stay stuck in the same exercise routines your body will reach plateaus. Meaning you have a hard time say losing those last few pounds.  And that can lead to disappointment and frustration.

Should you change up your workout routine? ABSOLUTELY!! 

While sticking to the same workout routine may be familiar and convenient and the change is a  awkward and unknown, you just may be setting yourself up for a disappointment.

Why should you change up your routine? 

To continually challenge your body and  it to help burn more calories.  That should be good reason enough to start making some changes.  Who doesn’t want to burn more calories?    It will also keep you stimulated and motivated to avoid quitting out of boredom.

How often should you change up your routines? 

Some say daily.  I don’t think I could be that creative to change it up daily.  But every 1-3 weeks is what is recommended.  You may very well be surprised at the results that you will start to see.  Then you may ask yourself what you were so fearful of?

So the question is then just HOW are we to make these changes? 

Be creative.  If you’re a runner like I am, it may mean just picking up the pace a little or after a short walk start back up with a few sprints.  Push yourself a little harder on the distance you run.  These all have helped me improve my time and distance.   If you are a gym kind of person:  Change up the equipment you use.  Maybe get a workout partner to push you on a few more reps or sets.   There are also many at home workout dvd’s that gear towards specific kinds of work outs and intensity.   These have been my best bet for changing things up.  But you have to find what works for you.   Even the slightest change is better than none at all!

Bottom line here….Is if….NOTHING CHANGES, THAN NOTHING CHANGES.   So step out of your comfort zone and you will be surprised at how good you start to feel and will see the results you are working so hard to get!  Give it a try, what do you have to lose!!  🙂
I'm Stuck..Time To Change It Up.

Don’t Look Back!

Ever get really discouraged or disappointed by your past?  Ever think about all the things you’ve done and have regret?  Let today be the day you change that!  Keep your eyes focused on where you want to be and the things you want to accomplish.  The only time to look back is to see how far you have come.  Of course we can learn from our pasts, we can use them to make wiser decisions, wiser choices, but by no means should we look back and get down on ourselves.  Put a smile on  your face, you’re past has gotten you to a place of change, a place of determination, a place to make a difference.  Use your past as a tool, not a weapon!!  You will be pleasantly surprised how bright your future looks when you are planning and looking ahead!  Looking Back

Where Do I Go From Here…..

Where do you want to be a month from now? A year from now? Or even 5 years from now?   Well if you don’t know, now is the time to sit back for a few minutes and set some goals for yourself.

Goal setting is a process, doesn’t just happen overnight.  Many high achievers reach their goals, but they end up missing the joy in the journey.

Here a few suggestions that have helped me:

1. Set GoalsSet goals for the right reason.  What do you want to do or change for yourself, to feel good about yourself?  But keep the goals challenging but reasonable.  

2.  Choose a goal to create a journey.  A path right for you.  

Ask yourself:

  1. How do I want to spend my time?
  2. What daily activities make me want to leap out of bed?
  3. What do I want to learn?

3. Do something challenging everyday to move towards that goal, with a plan of action.  What steps do you have to take to get to where you want to be?  

4.  When you feel like giving up, remember why you started.  Remember that excitement you had when you first wanted to achieve your goal.

Remember:  Everything is attainable, with a positive attitude and a plan of action.