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A Healthy Body, Mind & Soul….Yes It’s Possible

Mind, Body & Soul

Today I’m learning that being fit and healthy takes a lot of work!  Do you struggle with taking care of your mind, body and soul.  I know I did.  Here are a few tips that I have been learning along the way on my journey.

Healthy Body….

Before I could begin the journey to a new healthier me,  I had to make some decisions and set some goals for myself.  Long and short term. If you are anything like me, my best thinking landed me overweight, unhealthy and defiantly unhappy.   This is where having friends and a support group were essential for me.  Take suggestions from them on workouts, meal plans and routines was uncomfortable and seemed like a lot of work.  But with little practice, rearranging of the busy schedule, I make  it happen!

Healthy Mind….

Knowledge is not everything!  I went overboard many times reading every blog, recipe and health magazine out there.  End result….TOTALLY OVERWHELMED!  I used up all my time when not running on the internet and in self help books.  Left me with a racing mind and couldn’t enjoy this new “normal” life I was living.

Healthy Soul….

While it is a true, a healthy body and a healthy mind, lead to a healthy soul, I am finding that meditation and quiet time each day is a key part of an overall healthy life.   It’s hard to find the time to be still with life going on, but even if it’s a few minutes in your car on the drive to work, or the drive home, it make all the difference in the world.  Don’t believe me….try it!!



Hi Everyone,

I’m super excited to have started my very first blog!  The reason I chose fitness and nutrition for my blog is that it has  become a very important part of my life since my battle with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer started a little over a year ago.  I didn’t realize how important nutrition and fitness was and how important is was going to have to be.  I have learned so much over the past new months about clean eating, exercise and I’m now starting to help others.   Each day is a new beginning and a day to do our very best to achieve our goals.  One day at a time I am going to try and take a small step towards making a difference.

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